Photo: Copyright: Olaf Malzahn

Offerings for Children

History is boring and only for adults? Not correct! There is so much you can discover in our exhibition. Try it! All workshops and offerings are in German only.

You have a cheeky little helper at your side: Billy the cat has accompanied the great Chancellor throughout his life and will tell you lots of exciting things.

Through the exhibition with Billy the cat: hidden object game with photo cards

Have you already discovered the colorful cat paws in our exhibition? With this Billy the cat will help you in the hidden object game that you get at the counter. On the small photo cards are excerpts from the documents and objects, but also from the house itself, which you can all find in the exhibition. If you can already read, Billy will answer your questions about what you found on the back of the photos.

For children from 5 years, free of charge

“When Herbert became Willy.” Your activity booklet for Room 1

Let our visitor service give you the little notebook and a couple of colored pens. Then you sit down at the desk in the first room and paint in the facade of the Willy Brandt House or write your name on the Sütterlin with the Kater Billy pencil. Don’t know what that is? Billy explains it to you! You can explore many other things about little Herbert in Lübeck with the booklet and the exhibition!

For children from 8 years, free of charge