Talks and Workshops

The Foundation also organizes a series of colloquia for young scholars in cooperation with the Institut für Zeitgeschichte München – Berlin since 2017. Originally conceived as a seminar format, the workshops enjoy great interest with the audience. As a result, they now regularly take place with a subsequent discussion in a larger setting at the Forum Willy Brandt Berlin.

Every two years, the Foundation offers a workshop for young scholars in the field of contemporary history. The workshop is aimed at doctoral candidates who are working on topics dealing with Willy Brandt’s work or legacy, or on a chapter of contemporary history that is closely linked to Willy Brandt’s name and political work.

A wide range of topics is welcome – such as exile, resistance, history of the East-West conflict, inner-German history or questions of social development. Participants present their projects to members of the International Advisory Board of the Foundation.


Dr. Wolfram Hoppenstedt

Director of the Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation

Dr. Kristina Meyer

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

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