Photo: Jens Jeske

Digital Projects

The foundation wants to seize the opportunities of digital change and use the technological developments for our work. The goal is to expand the scope of our our work in the fields of research and education in the digital age and to reach different target groups for an engagement with the life and political work of Willy Brandt.

Willy Brandt – Freedom Fighter, Peace Chancellor, Bridge Builder

Our touring exhibition “Willy Brandt – Freedom Fighter, Peace Chancellor, Bridge Builder” has been touring Germany since 2019. Now we are pleased to present the exhibition podcast: In 8 episodes, we highlight the main topics of the exhibition, which deals with Brandt’s political life and thinking. The podcast is in German.

Peace, Liberty and the Nobel Peace Prize

Whether politician or school director, soccer player or former prime minister, student or publicist: In this video series on the 50th anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to Willy Brandt in 1971, we talk about peace, Willy Brandt and the importance of the award.


In the vodcast series “Brand (t) neu” we ask young politicians about their perspective on the reform policy of the Brandt government 50 years ago. Which reform projects under Willy Brandt’s Chancellorship were particularly formative and forward-looking, which are still waiting to be implemented today, and which may have led astray?

Kniefall revisited

On the 50th anniversary of the Kniefall and the Warsaw Treaty, the »Vodcast series “Kniefall Revisited asks various actors from Germany and Poland for their perspectives on Willy Brandt’s historic gesture.

30 Jahre Deutsche Einheit

The peaceful revolution in the GDR and the feeling of togetherness among Germans in East and West paved the way to German unity. To mark the 30th anniversary, the federal politician memorial foundations are commemorating the historic event with a joint video project.

50 Jahre Moskauer Vertrag

The Moscow Treaty of August 12, 1970 between the Federal Republic and the Soviet Union is at the heart of Willy Brandt’s New Ostpolitik. On the anniversary of the signing of the contract, the foundation highlights the agreement with a series of videos and podcasts.


In spring 2020, a digital educational offer was created for children and young people in home schooling and for teachers. The 11 issues contain thematically and editorially prepared information on online portals and learning platforms for the preparation of texts, presentations and exams.

Game Changing

In the vodcast series “Game Changing”, pupils from the “Schüler führen Schüler” project present important milestones in Willy Brandt’s politics in the permanent exhibition in the Lübeck house. The start in 2020 was marked by the three most important meetings that year, with which Brandt laid the first foundations for a new European and German policy in 1970.

Podcast-Reihe „10 Minuten“

In the “10 Minutes” podcast series, we take up the foundation’s annual theme. In ten minutes we will talk to personalities from public life and from academia about events in the 20th century that were important for contemporary history and Willy Brandt’s politics.

50 Jahre Kanzlerschaft Willy Brandt

In a series of interviews on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Willy Brandt’s election as Chancellor, Tagesspiegel´s chief-editor Stephan-Andreas Casdorff speaks to personalities from politics and society about the role and importance of Willy Brandt then and now.