Guided Tours in Lübeck

High Noon with Willy Brandt (starting June 1, 2021)
Daily at 12 pm
Twelve o’clock: The introduction lasts 12 minutes, afterwards you are invited to explore the life and work of Willy Brandt in our permanent exhibition on your own.

Free entry for the exhibition and tour. Advance registration is not required. Hygiene regulations and obligations apply.

Group Tours (currently only available for one school class between 9 am and 11 am)

For group tours we offer general tours through the permanent exhibition or special-interest tours. The following topics are available:

  • General tour: Willy Brandt. A Political Life in the 20th Century More »
  • Flight, Emigration, Exile: Willy Brandt’s struggle for a different Germany More »
  • From Division to Unity: Willy Brandt’s Policy on Eastern Europe and Germany More »
  • Politic(ian)s on the Internet: Media power, media chancellor and social media More »
  • Thematic walks through Lübeck on the topics of Willy Brandts biography and on Lübeck during the NS-time More »

A guided tour through the permanent exhibition usually takes one hour and costs 5 Euro per person (although at least 50 Euro). Groups of 20 persons or more will be split up accordingly. The thematic walk through Lübeck lasts approx. 2 hours and costs 10 Euro per person.

Booking a Guided Tour

Please use this form to register for a guided group tour.
If you have questions regarding the booking of a guided tour or the tour dates, please contact Wibke Storm, 0451/122 425 0.
For questions concerning the educational offers, please contact Frauke Kleine Wächter, 0451/122 425 2.

Cancellation conditions: If you have to cancel a booked group tour, you must cancel your registration no later than two working days before the booked date. In the event of late cancellation or non-appearance, a cancellation fee of 50 Euro will be due. Prices may change.

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