Die zehn Bände der Berliner Ausgabe, Foto: Dietz-Verlag
Photo: Die zehn Bände der Berliner Ausgabe, Foto: Dietz-Verlag

Berlin Edition

The “Willy Brandt – Berlin Edition” offers a comprehensive access to Willy Brandt’s life and politics, and in addition to key sections of the history of the 20th century. At the same time, the ten volumes are meant as an incentive for a critical examination of that period of contemporary history that is closely connected with Willy Brandt.

The edition is structured according to historical and thematic aspects. The individual volumes connect a wide array of sources, including letters, notes, diary entries, interviews, speech manuscripts, and Willy Brandt’s momoranda. Previously unknown records from the Willy Brandt Archive and other archives in Germany and abroad provide valuable insights and impulses for further research on contemporary history. Each of the ten volumes is preceded by a detailed and comprehensible introduction. The editors also critically approach Brandt’s political achievements and place the edited sources in their historical context.

The edition was concluded in 2009 and edited by Helga Grebing, Gregor Schöllgen and Heinrich August Winkler. The publishing house is J.H.W. Dietz Nachf.

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