Educational Offers in Berlin

Currently suspended until further notice.

We offer an educational programme for general and vocational school and adults. If you would like an individual proposal or if you have questions concerning the content of our educational program please contact us.

We offer the following educational program for our temporary exhibition “Geteilte Stadt. 1945–1990”:

For Schools

  • Game based workshop for elementary school level (60 min.) More »
  • Guided tour through the exhibition with discussion for Sek. Level I or II (60 min.) More »
  • Workshop on stories of a Divided Germany for Sek. Level II (120 min.) More »

Educational offers for school classes are free of charge.

For Adult Groups

  • Exhibition tour “Willy Brandt at the Berlin Wall” (60 min.)
  • Exhibition tour and discussion “Berlin – Divided City” (60 min.)

Fee for adult groups: 2 Euro per person, although at least 40 Euro per group. Questions regarding the content of the educational offers will be answered by Julia Hornig.

Tour Booking for Groups

Registrations of group tours will be taken by Caro Stamm-Reusch. If you would like to visit us as a group without an accompanying programme, we would appreciate you letting us know the time of your visit and your group’s size. Space in the exhibition is limited.

Julia Hornig

Education & Outreach

Caro Stamm-Reusch

Assistent to the Director

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