Willy-Brandt-Forum Unkel

Willy-Brandt-Forum Unkel

The Willy Brandt Forum Unkel is a museum for contemporary history in the city of Unkel.

Former Federal Chancellor and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Willy Brandt lived in Unkel am Rhein from 1979 to 1992. Here, near Bonn, he wrote his memoirs and, as an internationally respected statesman without a state office, he was committed to global peace and development policies. The heart of the museum is the faithfully reconstructed private study, which the SPD gave to its chairman on his 70th birthday. A large number of exhibits and stations also make Brandt’s life and political work tangible. The famous Brandt portrait of Georg Meistermann, which was intended for the Chancellor Gallery in the Federal Chancellery, rests in the museum’s gallery.

The permanent exhibition documents the important stages in Willy Brandt’s political career and provides insights into his lesser-known life as a citizen of Unkel. A variety of objects and photographs, many original film and sound documents, as well as informative texts put the life and political work of the social democrat center stage. Interactive elements offer (to young people in particular) a playful, discovery-based approach to the character of Willy Brandt and the contemporary historical context.

Other exhibition areas deal with Willy Brandt’s chancellorship from 1969 to 1974, his international engagement as president of the Socialist International and as chairman of the North-South Commission. Additionally, visitors can discover some of the most important biographical stages from his childhood and youth in Lübeck, through the years of forced exile in Scandinavia to his political ascent in post-war Germany. A small cinema, as well as workstations with internet access, offer the opportunity to study the topic in greater depth.

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Tuesday through Sunday: 11 a.m – 5 p.m.

Open over Whitsun (Sunday and Monday) and Corpus Christi from 11 a.m – 5 p. m

Closed on Monday
Women´s Shrovetide – Rose Monday, Good Friday
December 24. – 26. &  31. , January 1

Free Entry

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  • Aus Richtung Köln: A 555 bis Bonn, A 565 Bonn-Beuel Nord, A 59 Richtung Königswinter, B 42 bis Unkel
  • Aus Richtung Ruhrgebiet bzw. Leverkusen: A 3, A 59, B 42 bis Unkel
  • Aus Richtung Frankfurt: A 3 bis Abfahrt Bad Honnef/Linz.
  • Aus Richtung Koblenz: B 9, Autoschnellfähre (z.B. Linz oder Bad Honnef) oder direkt über B 42 am Rhein entlang.

Parking and Navigation

Enter “Unkel” as the place and “Schulstrasse” as the street in your navigation device or follow the signs to P Willy-Brandt-Forum in Unkel. There is a large car park at the corner of “Schulstrasse / Kamener Strasse”. From here it is only a few minutes’ walk to the Willy Brandt Forum in the historic old town of Unkel. Follow the signs “Altstadt”!


Köln/Bonn Airport

  • Mit dem Auto: 30 Minuten Entfernung, Anreise über Flughafenautobahn A 59 Richtung Bonn, dann weiter über B 42 bis Unkel
  • Mit der Deutschen Bahn: Flughafenzug direkt zum Bahnhof Unkel.
  • Mit dem Bus: über Köln, Bonn, Flughafenlinie 670, dann Stadtbahnlinie 66

Train (Station Unkel)

Strecke Köln/Koblenz

  • RE 8 Rhein-Erft-Express und RB 27 Rhein-Erft-Bahn
    Takt: ca. alle 30 Minuten


  • von Bonn/Siegburg mit Stadtbahn Linie 66 bis Endhaltestelle Bad Honnef, Weiterfahrt mit Buslinie 565


  • Buslinie 565 (Becker/VRS) Bad Honnef – Rheinbreitbach – Scheuren – Unkel – Heister – Erpel – Linz.
  • Buslinie 134 (RWN) Unkel – Bruchhausen – Orsberg.
  • Buslinie 568 (RSVG / BBV und VRS montags bis freitags stündlich bis gegen 10.00 Uhr mit Anbindung an Einkaufszentrum Unkel)

Ship (Schiffsanleger Unkel)

  • KD – Köln-Düsseldorfer Rheinschifffahrt
  • Personenschifffahrt Siebengebirge
  • Bonner Personenschifffahrt
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The museum has a barrier-free entrance and a wheelchair-accessible elevator.

Assistance dogs are allowed.

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Guided tours for groups last 60 minutes and cost € 50.
For school-classes: € 30

Special openings for individuals and groups are possible.

Registrations at

Public tours take place every first Sunday of the month. Beginning at 3 p.m.

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Your health is our concern. Therefore we would like to ask you to refrain from visiting the museum or attending an event if you have symptoms of an acute respiratory illness.

Geschichte und Kultur Armeniens

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Sonderausstellung vom 27. Oktober bis zum 26. November

Kloster Haghpat (c) Diego Delso

Events Willy-Brandt-Forum Unkel

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Discover the Exhibition

Discover the Exhibition

Discover the Exhibition

Impressions from the Forum-Willy-Brandt-Unkel

News Willy-Brandt-Forum Unkel

We Are Looking Foreward to Your Visit!

Das Willy-Brandt-Forum Unkel is open to everyone. The entry is free!
Our competent staff is looking forward to welcome you and will assist you with any questions you may have.

Willy-Brandt-Forum Unkel
Willy-Brandt-Platz 5
53572 Unkel/Rhein

Tuesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Closed on Monday

Entry free

Phone: 02224 / 984 074 0

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