Annual Themes

The foundation’s anniversary programme, “50 Years of Willy Brandt’s Chancellorship” in 2019 emphasises the theme of “Democracy.” To this day, Willy Brandt’s pronouncement in his first government policy statement on 28 October 1969 remains unforgettable: “We want to dare more democracy.” That commitment became a leitmotif for the internal reforms of the social-liberal coalition. In the following years many citizens became more engaged in politics and in activities for the benefit of society. Many young people in particular made “Dare More Democracy” their personal motto.

To this very day, the call for more democracy has been raised again and again – even by political powers with somewhat dubious democratic attitudes. Therefore, among their thematic emphases our events will not deal solely with the historical power shift in 1969. Rather, we will also be concerned with contemporary and future perils and challenges which our democracy faces.

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