Annual Themes

With its 2020 motto “Peace” the foundation puts the spot-light on Willy Brandt’s East and Germany policy and its most important year in 1970. Brandt had formulated the guiding principle of his policy in 1969 as follows: ” We want to be and to become a nation of good neighbours, both domestically and abroad.” He put his focus on securing peace, mutual understanding with Eastern Europe and expanding transnational cooperation in Europe. Building relations with the GDR was about practical relief that could further the cohesion of the German nation.

Events are taking place in Erfurt, Berlin, Moscow and Warsaw celebrating the anniversaries of the first inner-German summit, the treaty of Moskow and Warsaw and the genuflection. Beyond the historical review, the foundation takes on current political challenges as well. Which experiences from Willy Brandt’s politics can be used to cope with today’s threats to peace? And looking at the German-German rapprochement under Brandt, we will examine the state of Germany’s “inner unity” 30 years after the reunification.

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