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Scientific research on Willy Brandt’s life and political oeuvre as well as re-issues of his own publications are published in the continous publication series “Willy Brandt Studies” and “Willy Brandt Documents”. The volumes of both series are published by J.H.W. Dietz Nachf. and can be purchased in bookstores.

Willy Brandt Studies

The “Willy Brandt Studies” provide a platform for the publication of research papers on the former Federal Chancellor as well as on contemporary and political issues associated with the name Willy Brandt. So far, six volumes have been published. The latest volume “Wir wollen mehr Demokratie wagen. Antriebskräfte, Realität und Mythos eines Versprechens” (“We want to dare more democracy. Driving forces, reality and myths of a promise”) was published in May 2019. The anthology analyzes the historical background as well as the intended and unintended consequences and effects of Willy Brandt’s famous promise. It also contextualizeses the larger efforts for democratization and liberalization in the era Brandt.

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Willy Brandt Documents

The series “Willy Brandt Documents” so far consists of four volumes. It publishes important publications by Brandt that were up to now out of print as well as other manuscripts and letters on important topics of his political life.

The so far last volume “Die Kriegsziele der Großmächte und das neue Europa” was published in 2018. It was Willy Brandt’s first book, written in Norwegian and never published because of the events of the war. It was originally to be delivered on 9 April 1940 – the day of the invasion of Norway by Nazi-Germany. The Gestapo put it on the list of banned books, confiscated all copies and destroyed them. Only a few original copies exist today.

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