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Willy Brandt – Editions and Documents

In this new series of publications by Campus-Verlag, scientific works on Willy Brandt’s political work as well as commented document editions and new editions of his most important books and writings appear. The previously separate series “Willy Brandt Studies” and “Willy Brandt Documents” were brought together under one umbrella brand. So far, four books have been published:

Bernd Rother: Sozialdemokratie global – Willy Brandt und die Sozialistische Internationale in Lateinamerika

Bernd Rother: »Willy Brandt muss Kanzler bleiben!« Die Massenproteste gegen das Misstrauensvotum 1972

Scott H. Krause: Vorposten der Freiheit Remigranten an der Macht im geteilten Berlin (1940–1972)

Willy Brandt: Nach dem Sieg – Die Diskussion über Kriegs- und Friedensziele

Previous Publication-Series

Willy Brandt Studies

The “Willy Brandt Studies” provided a platform for the publication of research papers on the former Federal Chancellor as well as on contemporary and political issues associated with the name Willy Brandt. So far, six volumes have been published.

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Willy Brandt Documents

The series “Willy Brandt Documents” consists of four volumes. It publishes important publications by Brandt that were up to now out of print as well as other manuscripts and letters on important topics of his political life.

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