Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation

The Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation, headquartered in Berlin, was founded in 1994 by the German Bundestag. It commemorates Willy Brandt’s endeavours for peace, freedom and the unity of the German nation, for the unification of Europe and mutual understanding and reconciliation among nations as well as for the north-south dialogue. Its activities and events contribute to the understanding of 20th-century history and the development of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Forum Willy Brandt Berlin Innenbereich
Forum Willy Brandt Berlin
Bundeskanzler-Willy-Brandt-Stiftung/Dominik Dittberner

The Foundation has branches in three cities: the Forum Willy Brandt Berlin, the Willy-Brandt-Haus Lübeck and the Willy-Brandt-Forum Unkel. Since May of 2019, the administrative offices of the Foundation have been at 43 Wilhelmstraße in Berlin. And also since then the Forum Willy Brandt Berlin, the location for exhibitions and events, has been at 15 Behrenstraße, directly across from the Comic Opera and in close proximity to the Brandenburg Gate. The move to this interim facility was necessitated by the razing and reconstruction of the Elisabeth-Selbert-Haus of the German Bundestag (62–68 Unter den Linden). After completion of the new construction, the foundation will move back to that location with a new permanent exhibition.

The Willy-Brandt-Haus Lübeck, with its permanent exhibition, was opened in 2007 in the birthplace of the former federal chancellor and Nobel Peace Prize recipient (21 Königstr.). The Haus Lübeck fulfils the role of a place for discussions about history and present-day affairs and as a site for learning about contemporary history. On September 20, 2021, the Willy Brandt Forum Unkel has become the second branch of the foundation in the city of Unkel, where Willy Brandt lived from 1979 to 1992.

The Foundation is financed by the federal budget and is one of the federation’s seven foundations devoted to the memory of outstanding statesmen. Those federal foundations are subject to the statutory supervision of the federal government’s Authorised Representative for Culture and Media (BKM).

Establishment Act

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