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Willy Brandt – Freedom Fighter, Chancellor of Peace, Bridge Builder

Through biographical as well as thematic means, the national touring exhibition concentrates on the person Willy Brandt and his activities. A broad spectrum of the public is addressed as its target audience.

A total of ten displays with numerous interactive elements show Willy Brandt’s life and activities in the history of the 20th century.

Willy Brandt – Freiheitskämpfer, Friedenskanzler, Brückenbauer
The exhibition offers many posibilities to explore the biography and the political life of Willy Brandt. © Jens Jeske

The complete exhibition requires a display surface of at least 150m2. It consists of a title screen, a circular showcase and eight additional modules. The exhibition should be on display for at least three to four weeks, and the exhibition should be free to the public.

Organisation and costs of transportation are borne by the Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation. The exhibition will most likely be available until 2025.

Willy Brandt 1913-1992. A Life for Freedom, Peace and Reconciliation between Nations

Since September 2020, the international touring exhibition is available to be seen worldwide. In the language of the country displaying it, the exhibition provides information about the international stages in Brandt’s biography.

Concentrating on ten historical places and events in his life, the international touring exhibition demonstrates Brandt’s political philosophy and actions. In addition, each host country will receive its own thematic stele.

© Paula G. Vidal

The display surface for the exhibition should be at least 60m². The exhibition comprises twelve display stands that can be loaned in English or in the language of the exhibitioning country.

Organisation and costs of transportation are borne by the Foundation.

The exhibition will most likely be available until 2025.

© Paula G. Vidal

Poster exhibition

Interested institutions in Germany and abroad can now book our travelling exhibition in the form of a poster exhibition. It includes the contents of the international touring exhibition and sheds light on Willy Brandt’s life as well as his political actions and thoughts.

The exhibition consists of 13 Din A1 posters in German. The exhibition can be ordered for a nominal fee of 30,00 €. The posters are delivered rolled and must be framed or otherwise displayed on site at your own expense. Whether in a large hall or smaller exhibition space, the poster exhibition can be flexibly adapted to the premises.

We look forward to receiving your enquiries!

Florian Sachse

Ausstellungs- und Veranstaltungsmanagement