Photo: „Willy Brandt – Freiheitskämpfer, Friedenskanzler, Brückenbauer“

The national touring exhibition

Besides Willy Brandt’s biography and its historical classification, numerous displays, digital offerings and interactive stations in the exhibition illustrate the major issues of Brandt’s life.

The Forum

The Forum is located in the centre, complete with special displays and media stations. With key words and objects, a large circular showcase exemplifies various facets and interpretations of Willy Brandt’s personality.

Impressionen aus der nationale Wanderausstellung
© Friedhelm Hoffmann

Placed around the showcase are benches whose panels offer a chronological survey of the life and influence of Willy Brandt the politician. Tablet computers provide access to the multimedia Willy Brandt Online Biography, a comprehensive information portal on his life.

Eröffnung Willy Brandt-Ausstellung in der DW Bonn. Die nationale Wanderausstellung in Bonn
Benches invite you to dwell at the Forum. © Phillip Böll

Willy Brandt’s Political Stages and Issues

Eight free-standing exhibition modules give information on the phases of Willy Brandt’s life and his political interests through a host of objects and interactive stations. The module Resistance Fighter deals with a young Willy Brandt and his struggle against the Nazi regime during his Scandinavian exile.

Ausstellungsmodul der nationalen Wanderausstellung
The focus has been put on four stages of Brandt's political biography. © Dirk Urban

Governing Mayor of Berlin and first social-democratic Federal Chancellor deal with his most important political offices. The module Media Star illuminates Brandt’s unbeknownst way of dealing with the media at that time, for example during election campaigns. But it also shows the darker side of this constant scrutiny by the media.

Four thematic modules treat areas of politics that still have major relevance even today: Issues of Peace and Globalisation, Environmental Protection, the unification of Europe and the organisation of Democracy.

Ausstellungsmodul der nationalen Wanderausstellung
© Dirk Urban

To mark the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the beginning of Willy Brandt’s chancellorship, the national touring exhibition was opened in October of 2019 in the German Federal Parliament. It is expected to tour through Germany until 2025.

The national touring exhibition ist fully booked until 2023. We are looking forward for your enquiry for the following years. Here you can find more information for borrowers.

Florian Sachse

Ausstellungs- und Veranstaltungsmanagement